Autumn homeware!

So as promised, I thought I’d share my autumnal/copper home decorations with you!

I love homeware. Candles, throws, ornaments, you name it and I will buy it. As it is my first house, I decided I wanted to make it more suited to me and it’s great because I can finally choose the colour schemes and style.

The chosen colours I have gone for this Autumn and the general theme throughout my house is copper! You can find so many cute accessories in this colour and I feel that it brings a warmth into the house, keeping it warm and cosy!

First of all I have my Moroccan Copper lights. These are battery operated and such a cute little design of a lantern! These were given to me as part of one of my birthday presents (so I don’t know the price) and are sold in Asda’s homeware section.

Next I have my squash and pumpkin selection, which I have strategically placed around my house to tie in with the Halloween and Autumn themes. I had trouble finding these initially, they sell out quite quickly! To begin with I checked my regular supermarkets but found that they were either limited to a basic butternut squash or a normal pumpkin.

The ones I bought are from Waitrose. Usually this isn’t my choice of shop but I was desperate to find these to create the vibe I wanted in my house. They sold at Β£1 each; I bought 12! Which is slightly more than I wanted to pay, but they do the trick and they look so cute as a centrepiece or just as an ornament for the Autumn period.

I would say that the only downside to these is that they have an expiry date which doesn’t last too long, but the artificial ones just didn’t have the same effect.

Over the rest of the month, my plan is to make some homemade Autumn Potpourri. I will post this on my blog to show you how it went…no promises on it being amazing!

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