It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! – Present Planning

So with just a few days to go until December, I’m really starting to get in the Christmas spirit! Sorry that I haven’t been posting regularly, but I have had a few personal bits that I needed to address, so I will be on and off. However, I will try my best to get back to fortnightly posts.

To my boyfriends despair, my Christmas obsession showed its face when it started getting darker earlier on! So he has already been trawled through the Christmas aisles and been made to go Christmas shopping. Bless him.

I always like to get things done early. That way I know that I am organised and have time to get any last-minute bits if need be, but also it goes hand in hand with the Black Friday sales.

When I am present planning, I look at the following;

  • Who
  • What
  • Price
  • Total budget

By working out the above, I can estimate how much I can afford and ensure that I don’t overspend on unnecessary items. I need money for my Christmas decorations too, don’t forget!

I only really ever buy for family and close friends at Christmas, otherwise you find that you spend so much money and time. Family and close friends tend to be easier to buy for and they appreciate things just that little bit more.

Writing a list is key. By having a list of people you are buying for and what you are getting for them will not only save you time, but will also save you making impulse purchases.

For example:

  • Name: Dad Item: Jumper Price: £25.00 Shop: House of Fraser
  • Name: Mum Item: Handbag Price: £30.00 Shop: New Look

The more information you can gather before shopping , the better it will be for you and for your bank balance. You can even think of the size, colour or style and add this to your plan.

This year, I wanted to keep it cheap and cheerful. I set £150.00 aside for myself in October and the same again in November. So I had £300.00 to play with before I get paid again in December. This is a great way of keeping up on your other expenditures and ensuring that you have enough to buy presents.

My choice of shopping antics this year have been both online and in store. I always find that sometimes it is so hard to get a real feel for the item if you purchase it online. So its nice to see things in the flesh prior, if you have the time to do this.

It isn’t always necessary to shop in store. At this time of year, it is extremely busy and I find that I do spend more money when I am out and about. Yes, even with my present and budget planners, I can go off track slightly! I love a Starbucks Eggnog latte (or 2…) to get me in the shopping mood.
To give you a head start, I have added a copy of my present planner to my printable page. This is just a simple table to get you started. Feel free to add what you need to make it personal to you!


Let me know how you guys get on with your Christmas shopping! I would love to hear about it all.

Stay tuned for more Christmas posts!

P x

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