Christmas Money Wallets

So to begin my December, I had been taking part in numerous Christmas crafts. Many of the ideas of my crafts were found on Pinterest; which I absolutely love and could spend hours on!

One of the ideas I had was to create some festive, handmade Christmas cards. With the option of also being a money wallet. These are really easy to make and can be done in an affordable and time efficient way. Crafts are a way for me to keep myself busy and channel my inner creative side.

In order to make these cards you will need:

  • Card/Pre-cut cards with envelopes (optional)
  • Buttons (assorted)
  • Craft glue (clear) – I also used Glue dots which are simple and less messy.
  • Prit Stick
  • Scissors
  • Christmas decorations/embellishments
  • Mini Pegs
  • Assorted Ribbon

My crafts that I bought are from a few different shops. I found that places like ‘The Range’, ‘Hobbycraft’ and ‘Poundland’ were great and not too pricey. It’s such a shame when you have this creative idea in your head and then you realise that its going to be so expensive!

To get ideas for my cards, I did some searching on Pinterest. As I was just starting out, I had a few ideas but needed a nudge in the right direction. So to start off, I made a set of money wallets for my Dad to give to my family members.

To begin, you will need some pre-made card and envelopes. These can be plain or colourful depending on what you are going for. Onto these, I added a sticker onto the back from ‘The Range’ which says ‘This card was made by…’ and I then wrote my name in a gold gel pen.

Once I did this, I added a bit of ribbon to the front of them as a kind of border to work my main idea around. You may need to wait for this to dry before adding the other bits, depending on the type of glue you used. I used a prit stick and this worked just fine for me.

After this, I used a variety of green, red and white buttons to make my main designs. You can see a few of these at the end of my post.

You can use whatever decorations you like on your card to make it that little bit more special or personal to the receiver. For example, I used different colour ribbons, different stickers and designs to make it suitable for each family member; both children and adults.

To make them money wallets rather than just plain cards, I added a mini peg and a short piece of ribbon to the inside. You can glue the ribbon or staple it to any edge of the card and then just simply clip the peg onto the ribbon. This is an easy, hassle free way to keep your money still when it’s in its envelope. There isn’t really a how to with this type of craft, it’s really more about using your imagination and getting creative.

Pinterest is such a good way of looking for ideas and making them reality and I found that I even came up with so many of my own ideas.

Again, I apologise for the lack of posting and hope to be more regular in the New Year.

Would love to see what everyone else has been getting up to this Christmas! So send me some of your crafty pictures and ideas…

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